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MY PROVEN science backed METHOD



why do other programs Fail & why does return to your best succeed

other programs

❌ Claims to be the only solution

❌ Quick fix only addressing the symptoms not the true underlying cause (where you experience symptoms most times is not where the root problem actually is)

❌ Cookie cutter approach- treating everyone as the same, what works for you won’t work for me? Just because you and I could have the EXACT same diagnosis/ache does not mean we got there the same way. Even if you had the same exact job, same exact emotional stresses, same exact hobbies and activities, same exact schedule what got us to the diagnosis would still not be the same cause. So why would you offer a program that does that?

❌  Expensive

❌ Inaccessible (download, paper, dropbox)

❌ Provides temporary relief

❌ Confusing long instructions or videos you have to scroll back and forth to find your place

❌ No support

❌ Lack of resources and exercises

❌ Lack of modifications to that are too hard to do

❌ Depending on someone else to fix you (you know your body better than anyone. You will care about your body more than anyone. You just need a little guidance and you are off to the races)

❌ Here’s the info, good luck…see ya!

return to your best

✔️ Self assessment section to truly identify where you are restricted and have imbalances to find the true cause of your pain and symptom

✔️ Success path clear step by step path. Know exactly where you are and what to focus on no more wasted time

✔️APP PLATFORM Access in the PALM of your HAND: Track progress, upload video, count reps/sets, track habits and so much more

✔️Learn & Do to make lasting change and apply it to your other activities and every day life

✔️LONG TERM solution requires work, isn’t your life worth it

✔️Can be done anywhere, anytime

✔️24/7 accessible online

✔️Low affordable monthly investment

✔️Improves the body as a whole (improving tissue quality, mobility, flexibility and strength! What your body truly needs for lasting change

✔️Prevents future injuries

✔️Growing library of hundreds of short professionally filmed videos

✔️Professional, science backed, best practices of Athletic Therapy & Strength & Conditioning

✔️Hundreds of modifications to ensure your true success and meet you exactly where you are

✔️Monthly Deep Dives: for support, questions, & you can search old and new ones!

✔️Full body head to toe approach

✔️Community, support, feedback and coaching so when and if you get stuck we are here to help!

What about in person?

Hey I get it, I still treat private practice, but here’s the reality…

It’s going to range from $95-150 follow up appointments (for some people that can be 2-3 times a week for months… that equals $1000-$2000 a month! 

Your Valuable TIME

Wasting time commuting to and from the clinic or gym

Have kids? The time it takes to rally them up or costing more to get a baby sitter to get this done = more money and time wasted, more time away from your business

The stress and hassle arranging your schedule around someone else’s

WAITING weeks to get in to see someone to get your next progressions & delaying your progress

Worse yet what if your schedule changes last minute?

No communication in between appointments, what if you forget what they said or lost the email they hopefully sent

What if you need to modify, or something new comes up?

You know your body better than anyone, what makes it tick, what makes it feel better. You just need the tools and guidance to better understand how to decrease aches, prevent future injuries and optimize your body. You can totally do this. It just takes consistency, time and work.

We want to save you time & money and allow you to take back control of your body in the comfort of your own home.


















❌  LAZY with no intention of trying










Hi! I am Danya

Board Certified Athletic Therapist & Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

I created TheraFit Fusion: combining best practices of Therapy & Fitness to provide a well rounded approach for your body!

Over the last several years, I have been very fortunate to immerse myself & worked with some of the top Olympic & Paralympic athletes, coaches and practitioners in the world, learning from the best and proving/ testing my skillset at the highest level. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients of all levels and abilities, taught workshops and led 1000+ people from stage at the Tribe Live conference.

In order to help more people I decided to bring what I do in person to the online space, and I am so looking forward to helping you. I am passionate about teaching people how to truly optimize their body, free themselves from reoccurring restrictions, improve mobility, improve flexibility and strength to support you on what ever life adventures you desire!

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, weekend warrior, parent, body hobbyist & more….YOU have a unique body and it can always be improved! Whether you currently have known restrictions, aches or pains, or just want to be proactive to prevent future aches and pains, this is the place for you. I simplify the complicated, eliminate your fears around pain or injury and truly teach you how to optimize your body.

Just because you aren’t injured doesn’t mean you are 100% healthy either, so why take the risk and wait? Instead be proactive and prevent the headaches of wasted time with rehab, expensive treatment bills and possibly surgery.

80% of people will experience back pain sometime in their life. Don’t let that be you! Don’t let your body hold you back in life!

Look, I get it. You value your health and being active. It’s part of who you are. Your identity. Your outlet. Without it you wouldn’t be the same person…and it would impact every other area of your life

AND something is holding you back, if not now then soon…

…aches…stiffness….old injuries…the dreaded “aging”…lack of range of motion…pain…soreness…or worse yet, maybe you are already sidelined from doing what you love to do.

OR even if you are not injured or dealing with chronic aches right now, that does not mean you are 100% healthy either. You want to prevent that from happening!

You want to find your imbalances, blindspots and restrictions so you can preserve the love of movement into your late years

Whether you are an
  • Athlete
  • Active individual
  • Athletes at heart
  • Retired athlete
  • Weekend warrior
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Weightlifter
  • Cross fitter
  • Runner
  • First Responder
  • Endurance athlete
  • Ex collegiate athlete
  • Intermural athlete
  • Yogi
  • And more!

    … you love moving your body, movement or exercise or training is your passion, a necessity in your life, and without it…you aren’t the same

Any of these resonate?

Hitting plateaus on your lifts or performance?

Too tired or sore to play with your kids?

Tried Everything and still in the same spot?

Are you sick of lifting weights and always being in pain?

Believe your body is broken and this is the “new life” you need to accept?

Ever felt helpless, defeated, frustrated or powerless?

Think that this is it? I’ll never be the same or get back to my fav activities?

Believe that your body is just limited, and you can only stick to certain activities?

Butt wink when you squat?

Avoid certain movements due to restriction, weakness or pain?

Even with all the youtube, social media or textbook readings still don’t feel like certain exercises feel quite right?

Frustrated with your lack of progress?

You may say things like:

“I’m passed my prime”

“this old body”

“I’ve just always dealt with it”
“this is my normal”

“my (insert other body part) have always been like this”

“it’s just the way it is”

“I just push past it”

“no pain no gain”

“I’ve already tried everything..chiro, physio, massage etc”

“suck it up”

“No pain no gain”

“but my MRI says I have ___”…

“I’ve been told I can’t…. (squat, deadlift, run…)

You’re tired and it feels like you have tried everything..
Physio, chiro, injections, possible surgeries, acupuncture, massage, athletic therapy, youtube, the list goes on and on

But you’re still stuck in the same, if not worse position, as before

Heck, part of you might have already just accepted your situation and given up “this is it”, 

But what if I could tell you…that it doesn’t have to be the way

You don’t have to simply ACCEPT your situation

  • Stiff knees when running around playing soccer
  • Nagging back pain during your day
  • Pain after hitting the gym
  • Tight ankles limiting your squat
  • Waking up feeling like your 90
  • Pinching shoulder every time you go overhead

…And so on and so on

Whether you have one or all or many more of these examples, the point is they are affecting your life and holding you back from truly doing the things you love to do

 They are threatening to sideline you completely from your sweat life

 HOW is that any way to live?!

Now I don’t know about you but lifting weights, being active, having adventure in my life is my passion. My outlet. It is part of my identity. And If I had that taken away from me words cannot even begin to explain the physical, emotional, psychological stress and impact that would have on EVERY aspect of my life…my business, my relationships, my mental well-being, my body. Yup no thanks. Not going down that rabbit hole. Otherwise get ready to meet depressed, overweight, b*tchy, unproductive, negative Danya.

It’s all too common for people to reach a certain age and think this is it,

“This old body” muttered every time you have to get up from the ground

Wake up feeling like you are 90

Stiff, sore or in pain after lifting…

Newsflash that’s a load of crap

If this is you my friend, I’d like you to meet your new buddy; “blind spots”

There is no way you can even begin to google, youtube, read up on it because you don’t even know what you don’t know about your body

And the thing is no matter how many “quick fixes”, treatments, random programs you do, nothing will improve. You will be on this hamster wheel going NO where…

Until you get to know YOUR unique body.

You need to discover how it moves, what’s weak, what’s restricted, how the whole body is connected.

For instance, did you know that your left foot could be impacting your right side of your neck? (say whaaat?)

Don’t believe me? Don’t just take my word for it…here are a few examples of people just like you!

I’m not going to sit here and b.s you with a magical quick fix…

Because that is NOT the case and will NEVER WORK so if you are looking for that move on…

AND if anyone in this space tries to pitch that to you, run away. Run far, far away.

It may give you TEMPORARY improvement or relief, but I can guarantee you will be right back where you started, if not worse off.

WHY don’t these quick fixes or habitual treatments work? Simple: You are not addressing the root cause of your body’s ailments

You are not gaining body awareness to find the blindspots and correct them

You are not addressing the whole body and only parts of it which does NOTHING

YOU are not gaining the tools, the knowledge to apply it to every aspect of your life, when you are sitting, lifting in a gym, picking something off the ground, you know LIFE things…


AND I will tell you that sometimes in order to PROGRESS we need to REGRESS. You might have to undo poor habits. Learn how to get into and maintain better positions. Take time off of certain activities to build the body back before it can handle that load/intensity/ position again.

But what would you rather have?

Be stuck where you are,? Stiff, with aches and pains limiting or stopping you from doing the activities, sports, adventures you love to do?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel unrestricted, strong, capable and confident doing things like running around with your kids, going on hikes, feeling great playing those weekend sports, lifting weights?

And if this is your reality right now… I’m just going to be honest, you think it sucks now, wait another 5, 10, 15+ years and take a guess where you will be if you keep up on this same path?

Don’t let age fool you. I can guarantee there is someone older than you, busier than you, has more on their plate than you, started from a worse off position than you that is still living an active life on their terms who is 60, 70, 80+ years old running marathons, hiking, hitting the gym…and did not just accept their situation or give up

Those whispers your body is trying to tell you, those aches, pains, restrictions will turn into full blown 2 year old tantrums screaming and crying until YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT


Take the time to get to know your body, find the TRUE CAUSE of your aches, pains, restrictions, limitations, stiffness, weaknesses, imbalances, inefficiencies, etc etc

Which yes, takes some work, time, consistency, effort, patience and there will be setbacks along the way

And if right now you are already starting to think you can’t do it, you can’t so don’t bother reading ahead.  But I think you are different, you know there is something deep down inside of you yearning for change, it’s why you are still curious, still reading and with me now…

If you’re at that place where you ready to say no more

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

Being held back or frustrated with the same limitations, plateaus or niggles 

Giving up or adapting things you love to do

Living in fear of what’s to come next

Being alone throughout the process

Living in fear of doing the activities you love doing

say good bye to

Mid day slump, low energy, lack of creativity, lack of productivity

Frustration, stress, lack of progress

Stiff weak feat (or any other body part for that matter!)

Restricted ankles

Sore shoulders

Back pain when you wake up, lift weights, sit for long periods of time…

tight hips that limit your range of motion

stiff knees running around playing soccer or after your kids

Being told you “can’t” do something

Aka LIMITATIONS on your life

and Hello to

Physical autonomy

Body awareness

Better posture and positions

Improve efficiency

Gain more range of motion to squat deeper and lift heavier

Perform better

Set a solid foundation for all movements moving forward

Rebuild body from the ground up

Prevent injuries

Eliminate the fear around pain and know what it really means

Improve mobility aka range of motion to hit your lifts harder and deeper

Improved strength

Decrease aches, pains and restrictions

Identify cause of YOUR own limitations and improve those over time

Squat lower

Lift heavier

Move better

Get comfortable lifting weights again ore refining what you already do

Do movements you were told you could never do again

Get back to activities you enjoy


No more settling or accepting limitations

Stop dealing with quick fixes, temporary relief, band aid approaches

Lay the foundation for the rest of your life

Freedom, Confidence, Sexiness

You are capable of living the life you dream of, but its going to require work to get it, is it worth it to you?

So what’s the catch?…YOU.

You will care about your body more than anyone in your life. Not your Doctor. Your therapist. Your strength coach. Your partner.

Only you. Because you know exactly how it feels to live every day all day in your body. You know the thoughts you have. The feelings you experience. The symptoms that nag at you. And only YOU can do something about it.

I can set up the squat rack for you. But ultimately you have to do the squats to get stronger. Or maybe you’ve heard of “you can take the horse to the water hole but you can’t make it drink” same thing

I will provide you the tools. The program. The space to be comfortable being vulnerable, to ask questions, get coaching and support. But only YOU can do the work. Only you know if you are showing up consistently. Only YOU can make the change in your life.

…and to be frank if you’ve read this far you are already showing commitment, so I have no doubts about you

So whether you are an athlete, even a coach learning how to better help your clients or athletes, new to movement, athlete-at-heart fitness enthusiast, ex-collegiate athlete ready to jumpstart your new chapter with other like-minded, motivated, supportive, active individuals all working towards the same goal of living an unrestricted life

This is why I built the Return To Your Best Membership



MY PROVEN science backed METHOD



Range of Motion 


Really understand where your body is restriced, imbalanced and not moving well!

Professional videos

Easy to follow instructions

Gain the body awareness of what your UNIQUE body needs

Take back control

You are not your diagnosis, get invested in your health!

Mobility Drills

Professional videos

Easy to follow instructions

Learn different types of mobility and find what works best for you

Multiple modifications so there are no excuses

With and without equipment

For your joints, muscles & your nerves!

Stretching Drills

Professional videos

Easy to follow instructions

Learn different types of stretching & find what works best for you

Multiple modifications so there are no excuses

With and without equipment

Strength Drills

Professional videos

Easy to follow instructions

Learn different types of exercises & find what works best for you

Multiple modifications so there are no excuses

With and without equipment

Self Care Relief

Professional videos

Easy to follow instructions

Self massage with our hands, foam roller or lacrosse ball

Safe at home traction drills to relieve any pressure resting on those joints and discs


This is an online resource but we don’t want you feeling alone. We have an amazing, supportive, open, motivated community there to encourage you along the way.

You can choose to ride solo or join on in, whatever works best for you!


I jump in and do monthly Q&A live webinars, going over technique, feedback, explaining the “why’s” behind an exercise, educate you on anatomy that’s easy to consume and helps you better understand your body, other areas of health to fully optimize your body and so much more

Why are so many people experiencing Aches more so than ever before?

Let’s take a journey back for a second…think back to when you were a baby or the next time you see a young kid…see how supple and easily they move.
…We go from being these mobile, strong, flexible, active young babies, to growing up and working in jobs that often don’t require us to move our bodies like we once used to.

We are inherently born with the mobility & strength that is endless, sticking our feet in our mouths from early ages and unless we keep USING those ranges and movements we LOSE it. Our bodies are smart and adapt to the stresses imposed on us and that means YES NOT moving like we used to falls into that equation!

“If we don’t use it, we LOSE it”

Ok so that’s one area, but you may be thinking “hey I do yoga, lift or am active, that doesn’t apply to me?”

Well let’s think about what you do for the remaining 23-24 hours in your day that you aren’t active…

DID you know that SITTING is considered the new SMOKING?!

  • We have incredible accessibility with our smart phones being able to work from, go on social media, check our emails, read our favourite books right in the palm of our hands THAT now there’s actually been a term coined “text neck” relating to neck pain or discomfort from being in funny positions for long periods of time
  • More of us spending more time sitting than ever before: driving to work, sitting at work, sitting at home watching netflix or reading, travelling, learning in classrooms and so much more…. 

54% of Americans who experience back pain spend the majority of their workday sitting?!

So what do we do then if in today’s modern society we spend more time sitting than ever, and moving less than ever which is leading to a whole collective of problems?

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you, you can’t sit (as that’s not realistic, and I like to sit too!)

But what I am going to say is your body is incredibly resilient ad easily adaptable you just need to be shown how and we have that solution for you!

do you Brush your teeth?

Let me ask you this. Do you brush your teeth? (I hope you do haha!) 

If you were to brush your teeth just once would it do anything for the days following after?… NO
you would develop tooth decay, painful cavities leading to time and money and pain dealing with dentists and root canals etc..

This is why we brush our teeth for a FEW minutes DAILY to be proactive and prevent those issues

The body is very similar! It responds to micro-doses of intentional movement which therefore restores, prevents and strengthens your body and it only takes a little bit each day

Would you rather spend 10 minutes a day doing an intentional routine or spending weeks, months or even years for lots of people, living in chronic pain that may make you

  • miss out from work = financial losses and stress paying your bills
  • missing out playing with your kids = memories lost
  • missing out on your favourite activities = emotional stress, missing out on memories and more
  • missing out on a key competition = all your hard work you’ve spent training just lost
  • and so many more situations that

are PREVENTABLE if you put in the time and work consistently

“Just because you might not have any known aches or pains does not mean you are 100% healthy either” Don’t wait for pain to limit you.

ultimately it’s up to you…& we can help!

Think about it…

YOU know your body better than anyone…you live in it every day!

No one else will CARE for your body MORE than you 

It is up to YOU to take back control and put the time & work in

WE have the tools, support and guidance to be the solution for YOU

Let us help you feel & move better

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the investment?

$1 7 day trial, then $29.97/month…that’s 96 cents a day!

Annual: $297.97 (2 months free!) BEST VALUE

what if I don't have any known aches, pains or stiffness?

Even better as you are in the perfect place to be proactive and prevent future ones. Just because you aren’t injured doesn’t mean you are 100% healthy either, so come learn how to optimize your body and set yourself up for success of all of your life’s adventures!

Why would I sign up for this when I can search on youtube or google for free?

Great question! Well for starters how is that working out for you? You see the thing about online is it’s amazing and never ending but this can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, confusing information that may contradict what you just searched a second ago?! You don’t know, what you don’t know…so how the heck can you google or youtube that?! You know how to search for the symptoms but not the true cause of what the problem actually is. We have everything organised, in a structure that is easy to find, proffessionaly shot videos with ZERO distractions noise or confusing babbling. You also have access to all of our helpful resources that make implenting and tracking your progress easier, setting you up for success. You also have our community of loving, fun, supportive people to challenge, support and motivate you! You also have the chance to get your questions answered weekly by me! I jump on their weekly diving deep into technique, anatomy, questions, helping you every step of the way. We are here to serve you and are always adding, improving and refining the content to help you truly succeed!

when should I start seeing results?

Most members notice improvements in their body and reductions in aches/pain within 30 days or less. BUT It is up to you and I say that with kindness. I can provide the tools, pathway and encouragement but ultimately it is up to you do to the work and create change in your body with time and consistency. It took time to develop the imbalances and lack of body awareness that created aches and pains so it will take time to identify and unwind them. The only way this will not work is if you stop.

It looks like there is so much content, how will I not get confused or overwhelmed?

We provide a clear step by step success path and assessments, so no matter where you are starting from, you will know exactly what you need to focus on and exactly how to move forward. Not only that we have offer a bonus VIP community to help support you through this journey. This is not a program you just invest in and then get left on your own. I show up monthly and go live to answer questions, go over concepts, review technique so that way you are not alone or lost.

I'm an athlete, how will this help me?

I have several years of working with Olympic athletes, masters athletes as well as developmental atheltes of all ages. Think of this as the ultimate resource to identify any restrictions or imbalances you may have that are limiting you and all the progressions you would need to improve and prevent future injuries. Research shows that the most successful athletes are the ones who miss the least amount of training days (ie not injured or compensating). Not only will you learn how to problem solve your body you will have hundreds of mobilty, flexibilty and strength exercises to supplement what you currently do and a soft tissue release module where you can implement tools to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. Travel a lot solo? No more need to worry about how to do something as this is your ace in your back pocket to help you every step of the way!

what if I want to cancel?

If you no longer want access to hundreds of organised drills to help you decrease aches, improve mobility + flexibility + strength + body awareness and fully optimize your body we totally understand and will be sad to see you go. You can cancel at anytime. No contracts!

do you offer refunds?

No but you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied!

What if I am in pain and cannot move, should I start?

If your injury is NEW or was traumatic, I reccommend getting cleared by your local Doctor or Therapist as it may be approproate to have imaging or testing done to rule out anything that may require immediate interventions.

If your injury is chronic and or you’ve been cleared by your doctor to begin gentle stretching & body weight movements then you may join with no stress. Research shows that moving our bodies and exercising is the best way to reduce chronic pain. My job is to help provide the tools and guidance to make that journey as smooth and easy as possible for you. If any symptoms get worse in any way just stop what you are doing and go see your local therapist or doctor before moving on.


**this is NOT to replace a hands on assessement or provide diagnostics of any injuries or conditions. If you have a NEW injury we recommend getting assessed by your local Doctor or therapist and getting cleared before beginning any new or different activity**

By Signing up you agree to have read and accepted the terms of our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms of Conditions linked below and on our checkout pages.


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