Coach Danya

I help current and former athletes preserve the LOVE of sport by keeping you in the game.

Whether your game is competitive sport, making the squad, weekend warrior or the sport called life, I have your back. I currently work with Olympic, Paralympic & developmental athletes, first responders as well as private clients in person and online. I have a giant dog named Tabata (haha for those who get it), love black tea with milk and chocolate is my middle name. 

I am passionate about helping you move, feel and perform your best. I know how important this is for all aspects of life. Truly our first wealth is health and when we take care of this, the rest is much more manageable. TheraFit Fusion combines best practices of Athletic Therapy and Strength and Conditioning to empower you to truly own and take control of your health with confidence and autonomy. Stop looking for quick fixes, relying on other people or following cookie cutter programs and join our Tribe today!


I grew up very active playing all school sports, but fell in love with basketball. Not realizing it until later on but sports played a huge role in shaping who I am as a person today. Once finished high school I faced a fork in the road…do I take a scholarship or start post secondary school and get this career thing started. Now I know what you are thinking, why can’t you do both-lot’s of people do. And I absolutely could have if I wanted my degree to take 6-8 years but the Athletic therapy Degree program is simultaneously full time school & full time placement, so I chose school to start my career sooner.

Luckily for me I chose a career where I could still be heavily involved with sport if I chose to, still being in that team environment, still helping lead and direct triage, and ultimately getting athletes and clients back to their best self. Shortly after passing my National Board exams I landed my dream job working with development, Olympic & Paralympic athletes for a variety of teams. And over the last several years, I have been very fortunate to immerse myself and work with the best athletes, coaches and practitioners in the world, learning from the best and proving/ testing my skillset at the highest level. When I am not travelling I treat privately @ The Athlete Centre with a wide range of clients and abilities along with online individual programming for select clients.

In order to help more people I decided to bring what I do in person to the online space, and I am so looking forward to helping you. It’s my mission to create easily accessible content that empowers you to decrease fear around pain, improve restrictions, prevent injury and optimize your body without relying on others, drugs or unnecessary surgery.  Aging is inevitable, but having aches and pains doesn’t have to be. Let me teach you how to take care of your body, so that you can take care of whatever life tosses you. Stop surviving & start thriving.

Are you ready?

Worked With


Bachelor Degree in Athletic Exercise & Therapy

Board Certified Athletic Therapist CAT (C)

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)

Neurokinetic therapy Level 1 & 2 Completed, lvl 1 certified

Stuart McGuill course: The Ultimate Back

Various Muscle energy techniques courses

First Responder