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Danya is a former Olympic Head Athletic Therapist and Strength & Conditioning coach turned entrepreneur, where she now helps other companies, entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and business owners move, feel and perform their best on a bigger scale. Danya is dedicated to maximising the performance and potential of each individual or organization, and is currently immersed in mindset, neuroscience and NLP training.  She also has a vast understanding of how to help clients pivot their model to the digital online space.

Danya works with high performers focusing on the physical game (body) and the inner game (mind) to identify “blindspots”/limitations holding people back, and formulates a plan to unleash potential and maximize performance. Developing awareness and autonomy in certain areas of your life is the key to progress and impactful change whether it be athletic or business endeavours.

Her background in high performance started with being a therapist for the Youth Olympic games. From there she worked with development athletes and eventually became the Head Therapist and Strength and Conditioning coach for the Olympic Swimming, Triathlon and Paratriathlon team going on multiple international tours. She also worked in private practice and worked other sports teams such as Rugby, Diving, and helped develop high school programs.

She retired from sport to become an entrepreneur to be able to reach and impact more people, immersing herself in personal development and coaching, building her own coaching business where she does contract coaching, product & program development and content creation for various organisations and international 1-1 clients.  Most recently she has spoken on Stage at Tribe live in front of 1000+ attendees, completed the coaching & sales training with James Wedmore to become a BBD coach and is now pursuing her training in NLP.

Privileged to have worked with:



Athletic Therapy Degree

Certified Athletic Therapist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Head Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach Swimming Canada

Head Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach Triathlon Canada

Head Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach Paratriathlon Canada

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1&2

Muscle energy techniques for various body regions

James Wedmore Coaching & Sales Training

Business By Design with James Wedmore

Tribe with Stu Mclaren Membership Expert

Leadership and Personal Development training with Lululemon

NLP training through David Key ABNLP accredited