Relieve pain|Improve Mobility|Get Stronger |Prevent Injury
Improve Physical Performance
Trusted by Olympians, Coaches,  & Elite First Responders

Whether you are:

  • an elite athlete
  • athlete-at-heart
  • ex-collegiate athlete dusting off the ol kicks
  • wanting to preserve the love of movement and sport into your late years
  • first responder
  • keeping fit for the team or wanting to qualify for a team
  • heck you could even be a coach or therapist
    …whatever the title you identify with:

You want to be strong, unrestricted & in peak physical shape with a periodized, effective training program delivered to you every month with a no B.S approach.

You may even be perfectly capable writing your own programs, but let’s be honest who has time for that…

Whether your goal is to decrease pain, improve mobility, lift heavier, prevent injury, improve performance, physical autonomy, better body composition, simply feel & move better…

…We have the exact solution for you



Done for you periodised programming, to take the guess work out & stop wasting your time. Goal: Peak Physical Performance

  • Month to month or pay in full for the year
  • 3 different levels
  • *Depending on the program level you choose:
  • 3-5 sessions per week
  • App access (track weights, sets and reps, progress, upload photo or videos for comparison) in the palm of your hand!
  • Self assessments
  • Workouts 30-60 mins
  • Progressive periodized training focusing on injury prevention, strength, hypertrophy, mobility, improved capacity, recovery and more
  • Self guided
  • Monthly email break down of each phase
  • Community access with monthly lives for support and coaching
  • Start when you sign up

Cancel anytime

This is not your ordinary programming or app. Each program is designed from a High Performance Athletic Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist mind. Each program goes through specific phases, periodised over the year to help you achieve peak physical performance and avoid injury, burnout, pleatues or staganation.

1 on 1 Online Coaching

Want to make a team? Peak for competition? Improve body composition (lose fat & gain lean muscle)? Get stronger? Rehab chronic injury/aches?Get back into training safely?… you want top level coaching & accountability to get there the fastest, safest way

  • Month to month or pay in full for the year
  • Individualised periodized programming based on assessments, goals and tracking
  • Weekly one on one check-ins that dictates programming moving forward
    -being able to work with and around injuries, travels, competition  etc with immediate program changes
  • Physical training & preparation (no nutrition)
  • App access (track weights, sets and reps, progress, upload photo or videos for comparison)
  • Coach in-app monitoring of numbers, progressions and videos weekly
  • Video form analysis
  • Direct communication via app with coach to answer questions and give feedback
  • Monthly block breakdowns
  • Regular assessments
  • Start within 2 weeks of onboarding after assessments completed
  • Workout days and length of time dependant on clients goals and availability

Cancel anytime


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